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Why Renton Athletes Choose HIDEF Physical Therapy for ACL ReconstructionIntroduction

ACL injuries can spell disaster for athletes. At HIDEF Physical Therapy in Renton, we turn that disaster into an opportunity for improvement. With cutting-edge technology, specialized care, and a long-term recovery plan, we guide you back to your peak performance.

Strength exercises after ACL reconstruction

Comprehensive Evaluation and Individualized Care

Before commencing any rehab program, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand your specific needs. Based on these findings, a tailor-made recovery plan is designed to offer you optimal care and ensure a successful recovery.

The Duration and Stages of ACL Rehab

ACL rehab is a long journey, typically spanning 10-14 months for a full return to sport. Though you won't need weekly sessions for this entire period, it’s crucial to have a physical therapist guide you through various recovery stages, ensuring a reduced risk of future injury.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Methods

Blood flow restriction used after ACL reconstruction

We employ dynamometry to test strength against normative data, using serial testing to measure progress over time. Our rehab programs are criterion-based rather than purely time-based, allowing us to adapt and evolve your recovery plan as you progress. In addition, we utilize Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) to speed up strength gains and improve muscle hypertrophy.

Therapies and Exercises

Our approach blends manual therapies to improve range of motion and a series of tailored exercises, including sled drags/pushes, squats, hamstring curls, and proprioceptive training. Typically, patients attend 2 sessions per week initially, reducing to once a week as they reach later stages of recovery.

Exercise prescription and proper programming is the absolute key to success with ACL rehab. Our providers are trained in programming and are able to write strength programming that is safe and effective. With the right programming, you will be able to get full strength back and return to activity at the level you did prior to injury. Without the right programming you may be left with chronic weakness and inability to do the things you did prior to surgery.

Core Values that Fuel Our Approach

HIDEF Physical Therapy operates on a core set of values: optimism, curiosity, work ethic, empathy, and self-awareness. These values translate into a patient experience characterized by compassion, effectiveness, and the highest standards of care.

Location and Accessibility

Renton physical therapy clinic

Our Renton location ensures easy accessibility, allowing you to fit essential rehab into your busy lifestyle. We are located inside of a 10,000 sq/ft gym with access to all of the equipment you could possibly need for a successful rehab program.

When it comes to ACL reconstruction, athletes in Renton choose HIDEF Physical Therapy for our advanced technologies, tailored programs, and long-term approach. Contact us today to book your comprehensive evaluation and take the first step on your journey back to peak performance.

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