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One To One Care Model

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Senior Physiotherapy

Our Model Of Care

At HIDEF Physical Therapy we take your care very seriously. This is why we have our one to one model of physical therapy. This means that any time you are in a HIDEF clinic you will get one to one care with your provider and team. You will never be left alone in the clinic to complete exercises independently. Our providers will be with you during each exercise to help correct your technique, modify exercises for safety and effectiveness and help to motivate you to have your best session.

A message from one of our owners:

"As a physical therapist who has practiced and seen many models of care I can assure you that when we created HIDEF Physical Therapy we created it with the intent to provide the highest level physical therapy service in the region. I can proudly say that we have accomplished this goal. Our clinics and hand picked providers are a testament to what good physical therapy should look like."

-W. Zach Smith, PT, DPT

Owner | Founder | Doctor of Physical Therapy

Why this is important

There are a lot of reasons why the one to one care model is important for success in physical therapy. The greatest of which is individualization of your exercises and manual therapy.

If you receive the "standard" exercises that everyone gets when they have low back pain, you simply will not get better. We don't want to waste your time by giving you something that you could find on youtube. We take the time to customize our treatment approach to fit your pathology, abilities, and goals.

Without the component of individualized care, you will end up wasting time. effort and money.

The other reason that it is important to use is because we know it works. Time after time we hear our patients tell us that they have done PT in the past but did not see a benefit. Once they have been to our clinic for a few visits its apparent why other physical therapy has not succeeded in the past. Our approach is much different than your average physical therapy clinic. Because of this, we get results.

Physical Therapy
Physiotherapy Treatment

How is this Different From Other Clinics?

Often times our patients tell us that they had a negative experience previously in physical therapy. This is usually for one of two reasons. The first being an issue with billing, which we have eliminated with our process of benefits checks and cost estimates. The second reason is that they didn't feel like they got much attention and individualized care. 

If you have ever been to physical therapy and been put on a bike for 15-30 minutes and performed your exercises off a sheet of paper, then know that our clinic is different,

Every session is tailored to meet you where you are at each time you come into our office. Whether you are having a great day, or having increased symptoms, we will adapt our plan to fit your needs.

Each visit you will get hands on cues from a dedicated physical therapist. Your therapist will help to optimize your movement patterns and help you progress your exercises each session.

We are confident that we are different from other clinic. If you would like to see for yourself, book an appointment today!

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