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We are always looking to bring on top talent. If that's you, please keep reading.

At HIDEF we don’t seek to be like any other physical therapy clinic or company you have ever seen, or been a part of.


When you join the team at HIDEF your growth and potential will ACTUALLY be prioritized. And you will actually be given the resources to be the best you can be for your patients.

Physical therapy at HIDEF is a combination of healthcare, training, and performance. We take a fitness forward approach to address the needs of our clients. 

If the idea of working at one of the most exciting companies in healthcare gets you fired up, then I hope you reach out below, because we're about to take off 🚀


Continuous Application Process - Thanks to our ongoing expansion at HIDEF Physical Therapy, we can foresee our future requirements and often identify the ideal candidate before a position becomes available or is advertised.

If you are a serious candidate, please email your Cover Letter and Resume to , with the subject line ''HIDEF Physical Therapist Career Interest''.


Our Core Values

  • Positivity and Enthusiasm: Consistently interpreting any situation with positive intent. Bringing excitement to your work. 

  • Optimism and Growth mindset: A sense that the glass is always at least half full and a belief that we can improve in all things.

  • Work Ethic and Reliability: A “want to” versus “have to” mentality. A natural tendency to do something as well as it can possibly be done. Taking responsibility for being a professional.  

  • Hospitality and Impact: Genuine kindness, thoughtfulness and an awareness of, care for, and connection to how others feel and how your actions make others feel while they are with us. Use this hospitality to make a true impact in our company, community, and patients lives.

  • Extreme ownership and Integrity: Taking ownership of everything that happens in your personal life, work life, and your career. An understanding of yourself and a natural inclination to be accountable for doing the right thing with honesty and superb judgment.

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