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Gait Analysis and Training

Gait Analysis – what is it?


Gait analysis is used to study the movement of your body during walking or running. Oftentimes when people experience pain or dysfunction in the lower body it shows up in their gait pattern. The goal of gait analysis is to identify gait abnormalities and create a plan to address them. 

Some of the things we look for during gait analysis include: 

  1. Trunk position 

  2. Hip motion

  3. Ankle range of motion and how the foot moves during gait 

  4. Symmetry from side to side 

  5. Arm swing and position of arms 

  6. Pelvis position 

  7. Cadence 

  8. Stride length

How do we treat gait abnormalities 


To start we prescribe exercises such as stretching and strengthening to help with problem areas we have identified during the gait ana​lysis. We then work on gait technique through breaking the gait into phases. We use verbal and tactile cuing during the movements to help instill proper motor patterns. The goal is to make small changes to gait patterns that will help make walking or running more efficient and painless. 

Who needs gait analysis?


Gait analysis is for anyone who walks. No, seriously. Anyone who walks or runs and has difficulty, limitation, or pain with walking. Whether you are a professional athlete or you are unable to walk around the grocery store, you could benefit from a skilled assessment of your gait. With this information we can help to recommend the right shoe, orthotics, and ankle support as needed.

Why choose HIDEF?

We love performing gait analysis for patients because of the impact it has on your life. We believe in a team approach that builds alliance between therapist and patient, so we share the responsibility of your recovery. We help you in the clinic, but also give you the tools and guidance to be able to help yourself at home! The more progress you make outside of the clinic the more it will allow for more progress to be made in the clinic, and eventually achieve the therapy goals we have discussed and set for your recovery. We love the opportunity to work with patients of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life, and we would love the opportunity to work with you! Give us a call today and set up an appointment!


Ready to get started? Contact us today to get out of pain and back into action now!

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