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Auto Accident Rehabilitation 

Auto Accident Rehabilitation Bellevue


Unfortunately, auto accidents happen all the time, so it is very common to need physical therapy after car accident Bellevue. Most commonly, we see injuries to the neck (cervical spine) and lower back due to the quick jolt of the impact. Luckily here at HIDEF we are very experienced in treating both areas of injury, as well as any other area that you experienced pain in during the accident. Auto accident physical therapy Bellevue can help treat your pain and limitations so that you are able to get back to driving and performing other activities to return to your prior level of function. Just because you suffered an injury in a car accident doesn’t mean you need to suffer with the pain forever. We will work with you throughout all stages of your recovery to make sure you can achieve your goals!

What does treatment look like?


The good news is that at HIDEF physical therapy, not only will we look at the area you injured in the auto accident, but we will do a full evaluation to see how your injury could be potentially affecting other areas of your body or vice versa. Car accident treatment Bellevue can look a little different for each patient depending on severity, irritability, and pain levels throughout each session. That is what makes HIDEF physical therapy so special; we personalize each treatment for each patient. We know how annoying it can be to suffer an injury that seems to linger around for a while and affects your daily life, but that is why physical therapy after car accident Bellevue is so important so that you can get back to a pain free life as quick as possible.

How long is treatment?

In a physical therapists’ famous last words – it depends. Car accident treatment Bellevue can be very tricky sometimes. For example, if you suffer whiplash during your accident (your head quickly goes forward and then backward causing neck pain), this can be very painful for a while due to how much you move your neck. You must turn your head while driving, look down at your feet when stepping up stairs, and etc. which means you use your neck all the time. Not to mention neck pain can affect your ability to sleep as well. We will work with you and figure out how best to address your pain and the best course of treatment to decrease your pain, increase stability, and improve any mobility deficits you may have. Auto accident physical therapy Bellevue can be a lot of ups and downs, but we promise to try to get you back to a pain free life as quick as possible, as well as provide you the necessary exercises and stretches you may need at home to maintain your progress.

Why would I need physical therapy after a car accident?

Car accident doctor Bellevue will obviously be very different for each patient depending on their injuries. The tricky thing about car accidents is sometimes the pain does not show up right away, meaning it can take a few days or weeks to develop pain and stiffness because of the injury. After that, pain tends to become a chronic problem that responds better to treatment rather than waiting for it to disappear on its own. By coming to physical therapy, you give yourself a better chance at a quicker recovery and on your way to living a pain free life.

Why choose HIDEF Physical Therapy?

At HIDEF, we pride ourselves on creating a personalized plan of care for each patient we see. That means we take time to figure out exactly what is bothering you because not every patient is the same. We will then work with you to develop a personalized exercise program that you will perform at home alongside your appointments within the clinic. Car accident doctor Bellevue allows us to give you the tools you need to perform exercises at home and then we can add progressions within the clinic. Once you have progressed, we will make sure you feel comfortable with your exercises at home so that you feel you have the tools you need to be successful at home!  


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