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Bellevue Physical Therapy Office

13112 NE 20th St #400 Bellevue WA 98005


Our Physical Therapy Bellevue clinic is in the Bel-Red area of Bellevue just south of 520 and the Bridle Trails neighborhood inside of the Plaza 520.

Our Bellevue physical therapy providers specialize in post operative rehabilitation, acute injury rehab, and sports injury. Our goal at HIDEF physical therapy is to help you find the root cause of your injury and develop a plan to help you get back to 100% quickly. If you live an active lifestyle and have been injured or had surgery, HIDEF is the place for you. We have designed our clinic to help active people get our of pain and back in action. ​

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Low back (lumbar spine)

Neck (cervical spine)





Foot & Ankle

Abdominal and thoracic 

Muscle strains

Joint Sprains

Vertigo (BPPV)

Post surgical rehab

Check us out and see why we have the physical therapy Bellevue residents trust for their care. 

Physical Therapy Treatment Areas

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Why choose our Bellevue physical therapists?

There are many physical therapy clinics in Bellevue and it is important to choose the right one for you. Our therapists are specifically trained to work with active individuals. If you have a goal to get back to an activity or sport like hiking, biking, running, weight lifting, CrossFit, soccer, tennis, or golf, we are the physical therapy clinic for you!

HIDEF Physical Therapy is a private practice clinic. We are locally owned and operated and take pride in servicing our community. We place patient care above everything, which is why our recovery team receive advanced continued education in order to stay on top of the latest research backed treatments. 

If you are interested in seeing on of our physical therapists in Bellevue, WA click below to get scheduled!

Find A Physical Therapist In Bellevue

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Dr. Rachel Nilsson specialized in orthopedic care including acute and chronic injuries. Rachel will perform a detailed evaluation in order to create a plan of care that will help you recover quickly and effectively. Rachel is also one of our acute injuries specialists within our Bellevue physical therapy office.




Areas of expertise

Post Surgical Rehab 

Lumbar Spine

Cervical Spine





Foot pain 

Balance dysfunction




Dr. Zach Smith is one of the owners and founders of HIDEF Physical Therapy. Zach's philosophy is that all patients should be cared for in the same way he treats his professional athletes through attention to detail and personalized exercise programming and manual therapy.  Zach has a passion for the prevention of future injuries.



Areas of expertise

ACL Sprain and reconstruction

Shoulder rotator cuff strain and repair 

Ankle Sprains

Patellar tendonitis

Achilles tear and achilles tendonitis

Neck pain

kelly headshot.jpeg

Dr. Kelly McCracken is a duel credentialed physical therapist and athletic trainer. Kellys ambition to excel as a top provider, coupled with her distinctive background as an athletic trainer, made her an ideal candidate for HIDEF. Her dedication to personal growth and expanding her expertise aligns seamlessly with the HIDEF culture. With her diverse range of experiences, Kelly makes an outstanding addition to our care team.

Areas of expertise


Overhead throwing athletes

Shoulder pain

Low back pain 

Spine physical therapy

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BELLEVUE Physical Therapy

13112 NE 20th St Suite #400
Bellevue, WA 98005

P: (425) 629-9997
F: (425) 629-9979

Why Our Patients Choose Our Physical Therapy Clinic In Bellevue


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Is this your Crossroads physical therapy location?

While we don't have a physical therapy clinic located inside the crossroads boundary, our clinic is right off 20th and is only a 3-5 minute drive

Do you offer a personalized treatment plan?

Yes. After a thorough evaluation, every physical therapy plan is developed as a team effort between the PT and the patient. We work to come up with an individualized treatment plan that fits your goal, budget, and time constraints

Do I need a referral from my doctor to receive physical therapy at HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy?

While some insurance plans may require a referral from a physician, many allow for direct access to physical therapy services. We recommend contacting your insurance provider and our clinic to verify your specific coverage requirements.

Does HIDEF Physical Therapy accept insurance?

Yes, our Covington location accepts most major insurance plans. For more information about your specific coverage, please contact our office and provide your insurance details. Our team will gladly verify your benefits and discuss any out-of-pocket costs.

Do you do strength training exercises?

Yes. Throughout for course of physical therapy you will receive programmed strength training. We work with many athletes and can also help you to adapt your program based on your symptoms. 

Where are you located?

Nestled in the center of Bellevue WA our Bellevue clinic is a short drive from Northwest Bellevue, Downtown Bellevue, Highlands, Crossroads, Wilburton, Northeast Bellevue, Lake hills, Woodridge, Robinswood, and the Microsoft campus.

Will I get pain relief?

The vast majority of our patients will have some reduction of pain in the first couple visits and often even after the first visit. Though reducing pain won't fix the underlying cause, it is always nice to feel good. 

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