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Leg Injury

Post Surgery Physical Therapy

What to Expect with Physical Therapy?


One of the areas of specialty of HIDEF Physical therapy is post-operative rehabilitation. This type of rehabilitation includes any care given after surgery. Typically, we get people into physical therapy 1-7 days post-op. We start with gentle movement, manual therapy, and other hands-on techniques to help improve range of motion, decrease pain, and decrease swelling. This is our primary goal for the immediate post-op period. Once we have achieved these goals, we are able to move onto more exercises for strengthening, stretching, gait training, lifting mechanics, and other functional activities. At HIDEF our number one priority is to protect the surgical site and assure proper healing.

How long is physical therapy?


Though the total timeline of physical therapy is largely dependent on the type of surgery that is performed, our providers will work with your doctor to formulate a timeline for recovery. Each visit at HIDEF is 45-60 minutes with the same doctor of physical therapy each visit. Typically, with post-surgery physical therapy we recommend 2-3 visits per week to start. As you become more familiar and comfortable with your home exercise program, we will begin to taper the number of visits. At our post-surgery rehabilitation center Bellevue, we are able to get you in quickly for evaluation and treatments.

Types of surgeries we work with


Here at HIDEF we work with many different types of post-surgical patients. All of our providers have extensive experience working with our local surgeons to develop protocols for rehab of a variety of surgeries. The rehab after surgery Bellevue HIDEF has to offer is unmatched in the greater Seattle area. We use researched backed techniques such as progressive strengthening, blood flow restriction, iASTM, and neuromuscular facilitation in order to help our patients regain function quickly. Some of the common types of surgeries we work with include:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL reconstruction / repair)

  • Meniscus repair / meniscectomy

  • Achilles tendon repair

  • Total knee replacement

  • Total hip replacement

  • Rotator cuff repair

  • Bunionectomy (syndesmosis bunionectomy and osteotomy)

  • Hernia repair 

  • Lumbar discectomy

  • Cervical discectomy 

  • Laminectomy

  • Spinal fusion

Do I need physical therapy after surgery?

For the majority of surgical cases, we recommend getting physical therapy. Even with minor surgeries you can develop compensations or avoidance of certain movement patterns that can result in long term muscle weakness and atrophy. These changes in movement patterns can also cause more stress on other areas of your body resulting in pain and dysfunction. The rehab after surgery Bellevue provides will allow you to regain range of motion and strength more quickly so you can get back to doing what you love. Sometimes your doctor may not recommend physical therapy but as a patient you should advocate for yourself. Even if it is just a few visits after surgery, we can help to provide an exercise program to get you back to 100%.

Why choose HIDEF Physical Therapy?

Not all physical therapy clinics are the same. Many people have been to a clinic that was lackluster and did not execute on expectations. At HIDEF our focus is on quality over quantity. Our post-surgery rehabilitation center Bellevue, Renton, and Seattle specialize in post-surgical rehab. All of our providers receive advanced training and certifications in techniques that allow patients to heal faster and more efficiently. All of our visits are scheduled for 60 minutes so that you can get the care you deserve. We won’t have you bouncing around from provider to provider and you will see the same doctor of physical therapy each visit. If you have had surgery call today to schedule your evaluation appointment. 


Ready to get started? Contact us today to get out of pain and back into action now!

2211 5th Ave 
Seattle, WA 98121

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13112 NE 20th St #400
Bellevue, WA 98005

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332 Burnett Ave S
Renton, WA 98057

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15423 SE 272nd St, Kent, WA 98042

P: (206) 693-9929
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