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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Why Choose HIDEF?

The pelvic floor, a group of muscles situated at the base of the pelvis, plays a crucial role in supporting the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs, as well as maintaining core stability. However, factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and certain medical conditions can lead to pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on assessing, diagnosing, and treating pelvic floor issues, helping individuals regain control over their pelvic health and enjoy a better quality of life. At HIDEF Physical Therapy, our dedicated team of pelvic health experts are committed to providing personalized care and comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. Join us as we embark on a journey to strengthen and restore the pelvic floor, unlocking a world of improved pelvic health and vitality.

What causes Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or Pelvic Girdle Syndrome?

  1. Pregnancy and Childbirth: The stretching and strain experienced by the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and childbirth can lead to weakening and dysfunction.

  2. Age: As individuals age, natural muscle weakening and decreased tissue elasticity can contribute to pelvic floor issues.

  3. Chronic Constipation: Straining during bowel movements can put pressure on the pelvic floor, leading to muscle dysfunction over time.

  4. Obesity: Excess weight can exert added pressure on the pelvic floor, contributing to muscle dysfunction.

These factors can have a significant impact on pelvic floor health, and understanding them is essential for effectively addressing and managing pelvic floor dysfunction. If you are experiencing pelvic floor issues, seeking guidance from a pelvic health physical therapist can help identify the underlying causes and develop a personalized treatment plan to improve your pelvic floor function.

Pelvic Floor Conditions We Treat

Functional Incontinence

At HIDEF Physical Therapy, we understand the impact of urge incontinence on our patients' daily lives. Our specialized team of physical therapists is dedicated to providing effective solutions for this condition. Urge incontinence is characterized by sudden, intense urges to urinate, leading to involuntary leakage. Through targeted pelvic floor exercises, bladder retraining techniques, and lifestyle modifications, our comprehensive approach aims to help our patients regain control over their bladder, reduce sudden urges, and manage urge incontinence effectively. With our expert guidance and personalized care, we empower individuals to lead a more comfortable and confident life.

Overflow Incontinence

Overflow incontinence can be distressing for those experiencing it, but at HIDEF Physical Therapy, we are here to offer support and solutions. Our specialized physical therapists recognize the importance of addressing the underlying causes, such as weak bladder muscles or urinary tract obstructions. Through pelvic floor strengthening exercises, bladder emptying techniques, and personalized interventions, we assist our patients in managing overflow incontinence. Our goal is to provide relief from constant leakage, improve bladder emptying, and promote better overall bladder health. With our dedicated care, individuals can experience a significant improvement in their quality of life.

Mixed Incontinence

Dealing with mixed incontinence requires a multifaceted approach, and at HIDEF Physical Therapy, we are here to provide comprehensive solutions. Our team of specialized physical therapists understands the complexity of this condition and works closely with our patients to create a personalized treatment plan. Combining pelvic floor exercises to address stress incontinence and bladder training to manage urgency, we effectively manage mixed incontinence. Our goal is to support individuals in achieving continence, reducing involuntary leakage, and empowering them to live life to the fullest. With our specialized care and expertise, individuals can experience significant improvement and regain control over their bladder health.

C-Section Scars

C-Section scar mobilization, massage, and treatment are essential components of our specialized physical therapy services aimed at promoting optimal healing and recovery. A cesarean section (C-section) involves a surgical incision in the abdominal wall, which can lead to scar tissue formation. This scar tissue may cause discomfort, restricted movement, and even contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction. Our skilled physical therapists offer targeted techniques to gently mobilize and massage the C-section scar tissue, promoting improved circulation, flexibility, and reduced adhesions. Through personalized treatment plans, we focus on alleviating pain, restoring mobility, and enhancing the overall function of the scar area. Whether you recently underwent a C-section or have been experiencing lingering discomfort, our specialized care is designed to enhance your post-surgical healing journey and ensure optimal pelvic health.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse 

Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition that we address with expertise at our clinic. It occurs when the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum, descend from their normal positions and bulge into the vaginal canal. This can lead to discomfort, pressure, and even urinary or bowel issues. Our specialized pelvic health physical therapists are dedicated to providing tailored treatment plans that address the underlying causes of pelvic organ prolapse. Through targeted exercises, manual therapies, and lifestyle modifications, we work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, improve support, and enhance overall pelvic health. With our guidance, you can regain confidence, alleviate discomfort, and achieve a higher quality of life by effectively managing pelvic organ prolapse.


Our physical therapy clinics have the the therapists trained specially to deal with headaches. Our therapist perform thorough evaluations of the the neck, shoulders, and all other joints to help diagnose the cause of the headaches. We will design a program of stretches, exercises, and postural training to help you relieve the pain, improve ability to focus, and improve posture. We work with you in a 1 to 1 care model with a customized plan of care based on your specific needs. All of our clinics have equipment designed to be able to care for all of the common headache causes.


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