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Home Exercise Program

Home exercise program – what is it?


From the very first appointment with us, you will receive exercises or stretches to do at home that will correlate with what is done in the clinic. Unfortunately we cannot see our patients every day so we have to make sure the benefits of physical therapy are still being maintained at home. Don’t worry, we won’t provide you with a home exercise program that takes hours to perform, but maintaining progress is important to your overall recovery!

As part of your physical therapy treatment you will receive a personalized app based home exercise program. The exercises and therapeutic stretching Bellevue will be laid out with how many sets, reps, and times per day that we would like you to perform them. This way there is no confusion as to what you should be performing each day! If you ever feel confused or like you aren’t performing the therapeutic exercises correctly, we will continuously review the exercises in the clinic to make sure you are getting the maximum benefits from each exercise. Home exercise program guarantees that you are more consistent with the exercises that will help you recover faster. 

Currently, we use a physical therapy hep software called Theracentric.

Some benefits of a home exercise program from HIDEF:

1.  Personalized to adapt to your specific needs and environment
2.  Everything is laid out in sets, reps, and times per day to be performed
3.  Pictures and instructions are included!
4.  You get online access to your personal program that includes pictures and videos

5. Your app allows you to track progress and leave notes for your therapist

Can’t I just look up exercises to do online?


Technically, yes, but physical therapists are experts at diagnosing musculoskeletal issues and that comes with prescribing the most appropriate exercises depending on stage of recovery, injury type, and patient specific needs. If you use Dr. Google, you may be prescribing yourself exercises that are too advanced, not advanced enough, or may not be the best for targeting your specific needs. Plus, our services allow us to use different types of tactile cueing to make sure you are performing each exercise correctly. Then once you are comfortable with performing the exercises in the clinic, we will add those exercises to your home exercise program and move onto different exercises and therapeutic activities physical therapy Bellevue in the clinic so that we are continuously progressing your strength and mobility.

How long is a home exercise program?


Well, in the famous last words of every physical therapist, “it depends.” Each patient has different needs, abilities, and equipment at home. At HIDEF, we try to be creative and make each program as easily achievable as possible in a sense that it’s not a “hassle” to perform. That being said, we will provide you with enough exercises to keep progressing your recovery, but not so many that it takes hours to perform. When you start to have a lot of available exercises, we encourage you to perform a few at a time instead of working through the entire program (although you are welcome to do that as long as it doesn’t hinder your recovery!). We have learned that if we provide too many exercises, it actually deters patients from performing any at all, so just like in life, it’s all about balance! Achieving pain free therapeutic activities physical therapy Bellevue is what we are all about and we will work with you to best achieve that.

Why choose HIDEF?

Our physical therapists love providing patients with the confidence to perform exercises in order to get back to doing what they love. We believe in a team approach that builds alliance between therapist and patient, so we share the responsibility of your recovery. We help you in the clinic, but also give you the tools and guidance to be able to help yourself at home! The more progress you make outside of the clinic the more it will allow for more progress to be made in the clinic, and eventually achieve the therapy goals we have discussed and set for your recovery. We love the opportunity to work with patients of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life, and we would love the opportunity to work with you! Give us a call today and set up an appointment!


Ready to get started? Contact us today to get out of pain and back into action now!

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