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Injury Prevention Specialist

 What is performance optimization?


Many people can view performance optimization in many ways, and at HIDEF Physical Therapy we view it as exactly what it sounds like; we help you optimize your performance. This means we can help you find the tasks that you may be struggling with, maybe if you have a physical job for example, and work with you to create better lifting and moving patterns to decrease the risk of injury or re-injury. Sometimes it can be something simple like moving boxes and you find yourself with some increased back pain each time, or when you are gardening in the backyard and have some increased knee pain. We can work through different scenarios to get you back to performing certain tasks you may have been struggling with while focusing on conserving energy, proper form, and making sure you are comfortable and confident with the task. This can also be a time for you to use us as a guidance for getting back into a fitness routine. With our advanced knowledge of anatomy, muscle recovery, and movement patterns, we can help set you up for success and injury prevention.

What does the course of therapy look like?


During your first appointment, we will look at how your body moves from head to toe during different tasks to assess strength, flexibility, and overall movement and coordination. We will use baseline measurements to track your progress and remeasure multiple times along the way. At HIDEF physical therapy we view each body as a whole meaning we look at how the entire body works together. As movement specialists, we can work to figure out how one part of the body affects another and if one part is not working optimally, it can affect another part which usually creates some sort of discomfort. This can also mean another body part has to make up for the decreased movement even if there is no discomfort. Through a full body analysis, we can pinpoint possible weaknesses and causes of pain and create a customized plan to help strengthen and normalize movements. Once we have a strong foundation, we can transfer that strength into functional movements and work to perform the tasks you may have been struggling with.

Why would this apply to me? I don’t have any pain.


No pain = great news! The other great advantage we offer is we work towards injury prevention. Similar to a personal trainer, we know how to strengthen muscles, but we can also take it one set further. We have advanced knowledge in muscles working together to create functional movements and understand how past injuries, conditions, or diagnoses can affect movement. We can figure out how your body works best and capitalize on your strengths and identify any weaknesses you may have. What people don’t realize is even if you aren’t squatting or doing a deadlift in a gym, you’re most likely performing that type of movement multiple times throughout the day. For example, picking your child up from the ground or picking items off the ground throughout the day. We are injury prevention specialist Bellevue and although people typically seek out physical therapy for an injury, we also work towards prevention as well.

How does this differ from a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are great, but where we stand out is our advanced knowledge and understanding of the body as a whole. When one piece isn’t performing optimally, usually another part as to make up for the lack of movement or strength. A fitness trainer Bellevue usually does not usually address functional deficits, just strength deficits, which can mean they’re only addressing one part of the problem. Don’t get us wrong, fitness trainer Bellevue can be a good option, but you must have a better understanding of why you’re having difficulty with a movement to have performance optimization. As injury prevention specialist Bellevue we can help set you up for success inside and outside of the clinic so you can achieve your goals whether that is to get back to the gym, start a workout program, or garden without pain.


As stated above, we are experts in movement analysis, have advanced knowledge in anatomy, and can help you recover and prevent future injury all while optimizing your performance. We strive to provide you with the strongest movements while using the smallest amount of energy to ensure you are using your body to the greatest ability. We would love to work with you – call us to set up an appointment today! 


Ready to get started? Contact us today to get out of pain and back into action now!

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