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Rehab Your ACL With An Expert


The rehab process after an ACL tear is not like other injuries. ACL reconstruction is a complex surgery that requires the right experience and tools in order to get back to 100%. All of our physical therapists receive advanced training in ACL rehab. 

At HIDEF we have created a speciality ACL treatment protocol and have equipped all of our clinics with the necessary equipment for a sucessful recovery. 

So what does that look like? 

We use the latest in technology like Blood Flow Restriction training in order to maximize muscle recovery and simulate strength in order to get you back faster. We use muscle strength testing (dynamometry) so that we can be sure that we restore full symmetry of strength of the quad and hamstring muscles and compare your strength to our data. 

When we return our patients to activity and sport after surgery we are confident that we have everything we can to be safe and reduce the risk of injury as much as possible.

We help 100's of people each year recover from ACL Surgery



The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the main ligaments stabilizing the knee. ACL injury also called ACL tear are common sports injuries, and many of these occur without contact. These injuries are commonly seen in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, skiing, and volleyball. Once the ACL is torn, it does not heal on its own. 


ACL Reconstruction is a specialized surgery to reconstruct the ligament inside of the knee that provides stability to the knee.  Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are one of the most common injuries of the knee in sports. The recovery is typically about 1 year from time of surgery to return to the field and the rehab that you do over that 1 year will determine the outcome of not only your career in sports but the health of your knee in the long run.

We have therapists who are specially trained to treat ACL and we have the equipment to ensure success with your recovery. We take our athletes from day 1 post-op all the way through to return to field. If the knee is not treated properly after ACL reconstruction you may end up with long term strength deficits of the quad and hamstring, limited range of motion, and early onset of osteoarthritis. In order to reduce this risk, it is very important to work with a physical therapist that has a deep understanding of the the rehab process for these injuries. 

Rather than treating with a cookie cutter approach we use a science backed strategy to progressing through rehab phases including strength testing, outcome testing, and return to sport testing to determine when progressions to a new phase are appropriate.

What is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)?

Treatment of ACL Reconstruction


At HIDEF Physical Therapy we  have treated some of the top athletes in the region and helped them to recovery from ACL reconstruction. Some of the teams we have helped with ACL rehab include

  • Seattle Seahawks

  • Seattle Sounders

  • Miami Dolphins

  • Indianapolis Colts

  • University of Washington

  • Seattle Pacific University

  • Pacific Lutheran University

  • Bellevue College

  • And many other Division I-III colleges

​The treatment techniques we use for sports therapy are varied and individualized based on injury and presentation of symptoms. Some of the common things we do include:

  • Sports massage techniques

  • Blood flow restriction therapy 

  • Graston or IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

  • Joint mobilizations

  • Passive stretching for muscles and joint

  • Range of motion techniques

  • Manually resisted exercises

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Agility training

  • Balance training

  • Plyometric technique and training

  • Olympic weight lifting

  • Agility training

Why Choose HIDEF?


If you have suffered a torn ACL you will need the right physical therapist to help you get back to full 100% function. Our sports injury Bellevue clinic has the clinicians trained for and the equipment specifically designed to help people recover from ACL reconstruction. We have created the only specialty ACL program in the region. 


Ready to get started? Contact us today to get out of pain and back into action now!

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