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HIDEF Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

We are a locally owned and operated physical therapy clinic with locations in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton, WA. HIDEF was created to help our local community. We are committed to  providing the highest level physical therapy possible.

Physical Therapy Services

How We Can Help

physical therapist Bellevue

Our physical therapists provide many different techniques to help improve healing, including joint mobilization, passive stretching, cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. If you are recovering from an injury, training for an event or need to improve mobility, we can use also use massage like techniques to help you reach your goals and for pain relief.

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Bellevue Physical Therapy

We use clinical and home exercise programs to help you get stronger, have more mobility, and better balance. Our physical therapists use all of the tools available to us to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. This includes weight lifting, cardiovascular training, stability training, balance training, and mobility and range of motion conditioning. Our physical therapists apply exercise science principles to make sure that each session is effective in helping you reach your goals.

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Physical therapist bellevue home exercise program

You will be prescribed a home exercise program included with your physical therapy. We have our own app which provides top rated home exercise programs. All exercise programs come with access to a phone or web app that has pictures and video demonstration of exercises, as well as the ability to log exercises as you perform them for accountability. As part of your treatment plan your therapist will us the app to monitor your progress with your exercises and provide helpful tips to ensure that you reach your goals.

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physical therapy in bellevue, wa

Get to Know
HIDEF Physical Therapy


We created HIDEF Physical Therapy to change the way people think of physical therapy. Our goal is to get the most out of each visit to ensure you get back to doing the things you love as fast as possible.  We specialize in orthopedic physical therapy and sports therapy. Our goal is connect your health care and inspire healthy living.​​

Who We Are 

What We Offer

  • Highly trained physical therapists with advanced certifications to ensure the best care

  • Consistent care with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Individualized plan to get you back to 100%

  • 1 to 1 care model

  • Customized exercise program through our app 

See us at one of our locations

  • Bellevue, WA : Our Bellevue physical therapy clinic location is just off 20th (Northrup Way)

  • Renton, WA: Our Renton physical therapy clinic location is inside of Vigor Ground Fitness on Burnett Ave

  • Seattle, WA: Our Seattle physical therapy clinic location is inside of CrossFit Felix on 5th Ave. 

  • Covington, WA:  Our Covington physical therapy clinics are inside of Club Ignite Fitness and CrossFit Devotion.

Acute Injury

Acute orthopedic injuries can occur due to a variety of reasons. Some include falls, auto or car accidents, and other traumas. We approach acute injuries first by performing manual therapy and modalities as needed to reduce pain, muscle guarding, and inflammation. Next, we introduce strength and mobility exercises to help improve function and reduce your limitations. It is important to know that your physical therapy does not need to be painful. Some of the conditions we work with are neck pain, back pain, knee sprains, whiplash, hand therapy, muscle strains, headaches, and many more conditions. Our PT's have a wide variety of experience. When you book with us we will match you with a PT best suited for you.

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Physical therapy renton
physical thepist in Seattle, WA

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is a sub specialty of physical therapy and sports medicine. Injuries are common in sports, whether you are a professional athlete or someone who likes to work out. Overuse is a common cause of injuries. At HIDEF Physical Therapy we have a lot of knowledge about these types of injuries and we can help you get back to your sport, no matter what your level is. Our rehab providers provide a thorough evaluation and will help you to develop a plan to return to the sports. Where you have a torn ACL, sprained your ankle, or pulled your hamstring, we have a physical therapist that can help you recover and feel better.

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Post-Op Rehab

At HIDEF one of our areas of expertise is rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery. When working with individuals who have undergone a surgical procedure it is important to develop a sound plan or care from day 1 post surgery up until discharge from care and beyond. With post op physical therapy it is important to have a physical therapist who understands the process of healing and protocols for surgical rehabilitation. During early stages of post surgical physical therapy the goal is to protect the repair at all costs while maximizing strength and ROM gains to get you back as quickly as possible. Your physical therapist will help you determine when to push and when to back off. Your home exercises will be prescribed through our fitness app and will be individualized to your injury and stage of recovery.

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physical therapist doing exercises

Performance Optimization

Many of our clients are healthy and pain free but want to improve their performance in their workouts, sports, career, and life in general. We help people identify faulty movement patterns, improper posture, and asymmetries of range of motion and strength in order to reduce risk of injury and increase performance. Our physical therapy performance optimization program is designed for people who want to stay active,  extend the quality of their lives, and prevent future injuries. Our goal is to help you reach your full physical potential and stay there. 

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Clinics in

Bellevue, WA

Seattle, WA,

Renton, WA

Covington, WA

 Fax: (425)629-9979

2211 5th Ave 
Seattle, WA 98121

P: (206) 693-9929
F: (206) 922-8909

13112 NE 20th St #400
Bellevue, WA 98005

P: (425) 629-9997
F: (425) 629-9979

332 Burnett Ave S
Renton, WA 98057

P: (206) 693-9929
F: (206) 922-8909

15423 SE 272nd St, Kent, WA 98042

P: (206) 693-9929
F: (206) 922-8909


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