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The Secrets of "Prehab" and Future of Physical Therapy with Arash Maghsoodi

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

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The legendary Prehab Guys! This week we sit down with Arash from @theprehabguys

Arash is a Dr. of Physical Therapy and 1 of 3 owners of the Prehab Guys. A group that is revolutionizing the space. With some of the best content online, we were pumped to chat about what they have in store for the future and get some quick tips for you guys as well.

Zach- Tell us about the inception of Prehab Guys. You guys were early to Instagram , you started this while still in school. How did it happen? What was the vision that allowed you guys to play ahead of the curve?

Mitch- Let's talk about the concept of Prehab. So much of what PT has been about has been reactive medicine. What is the benefit of doing prehab and how can you help someone who isn't injured?

Zach- Do you guys have any particular treatment philosophies or methods to treatment? I know that you guys train people on BFR. I get a lot of questions on that specifically. Can you tell us about the benefits of BFR and how you guys are using it? Any downsides to BFR?

Mitch- You are a lifter. You are a built guy. What things have you taken from the world of weight lifting and brought them into the PT clinic?

Zach- You guys get a lot of branding as a group, what's something you want people to know about you personally?

Mitch- You guys have been blazing a path in the PT world, where are you guys hoping to end up?

Zach- What are 3 things you can leave our audience that will help them to avoid injury and stay healthy?

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