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The New Science of Athletic Performance with Dr. Marc Bubbs

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

First off, go get Marc's book "PEAK" ! You won't be disappointed! Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, MSc, CISSN, CSCS is a Naturopathic Doctor, consultant Performance Nutritionist for Canada Basketball and ALTIS. Speaker and former Strength Coach. We were lucky enough for him to jump on all the way from London to discuss the book and the new science that is revolutionizing sports! WHAT WE DISCUSS: Mitch- We read you’re the performance nutrition lead for Canada Basketball, what does that entail? Zach- Tell us about why you chose Sleep, microbiome and blood sugar as the foundation of your book Mitch- How to build the athlete microbiome? And how to restore your gut while prioritizing performance? Zach- Walk us through to impact of blood sugar levels and performance and on longevity Mitch- Can you explain the Train low, sleep low, fueling strategy and the non-traditional fueling methods? Zach- Athlete immunity. What are some of the best ways to build immune system. Mtich- Can you explain Athlete recovery monitoring- How to use HRV and what it is? Zach- Brain health solutions Mitch- Emotions and mindset- Why self compassion is key to Performance More from Marc: @drbubbs

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