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Personal Training Secrets and Mind Pump's Fitness Philosophies with Adam Schafer

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

If you haven't listened to the Mind Pump podcast yet... get on it after this!

These guys are leaders in the fitness space and have some of the highest quality content out there. They're also like distant mentors to us, so it was a cool experience chatting with Adam.

We cover a lot of tips on how to become a great personal trainer but these tips can be useful for pretty much anyone in any career.

On top of that, we discuss the Mind Pump philosophies behind fitness and get you some actionable tips you can use!


Mitch- What are the steps you’d recommend to become a great personal trainer?

What is the best path for a personal trainer coming up? Should they focus on just getting reps and volume at first or start with really quality reps and less volume of clients?

Zach - Looking back on your personal training career, what would you have done differently? What can others learn from your career that they should avoid?

Mitch- In your experience what were the keys to getting clients results?

Zach - What are some of your programming/ periodization philosophies at Mind Pump?

Mitch- How do you keep growing your knowledge and what are some of the best resources you’ve found?

Zach- We were just watching the episode on whether COVID is the death of the gym industry. Give us your thoughts and predictions on what this will look like going forward and how gyms will need to pivot.

More from Adam: @mindpumpadam

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