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No referral needed for physical therapy for most insurances

If you have been waiting for physical therapy because you don't have time to go to your doctor CHECK THIS OUT.

For most commercial insurances in Washington State you will not need a referral from your doctor.

This is because of something called direct access. In the US, the entry level degree is a doctorate of physical therapy. This means that a physical therapist is highly trained and able to see you without imaging or clearance from a physician.

Often times imaging will not be needed to diagnose and treat an injury. Physical therapists perform in depth hands on exams that specifically test structures to figure out what the area of injury is. After the evaluation we create a plan of care to help treat the injury.

The plan of care often includes manual therapies, exercises for strength and mobility, functional movement training, and prescription of a home exercise program.

Click below to learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you!

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