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Is this the Reason Your Pain Keeps Coming Back?

A little over a year ago I was working with a patient experiencing some upper back pain. He had been living with back pain for over 5 years and had finally come in to get some help.

We would do exercises, stretches, mobility, manual therapy, you name it and we did it. The pain would resolve, we would discharge him, and then the pain would come back and he would end up back in our office.

After a year of this cycle we decided to get him into another provider to run some more tests and figure out how we could solve this once and for all.

The tests came back with some things that could be solved by some simple diet changed. He began to implement these changes immediately.

In a matter of 3-4 weeks he had near full resolution of the baseline pain in his back that he had been living with for 5 years.

This was the pain we had not been fix with physical therapy alone.

This experience really caused me to evaluate the process of caring for patients.

I never wanted this to happen to a single person ever again.

I have found that no matter what we do in physical therapy we can't outwork a bad diet and inadequate nutrition.

Sure, some conditions can be solved by physical therapy alone yet there are some cases that just need the extra help.

In a perfect world everyone would dial in their nutrition at the start of physical therapy so that we don't have to wait 6-12 months to figure out who is a non responder.

It only makes sense that diet will have a major impact on healing potential.

This is why we decided to go down the path of searching for a dietician with the knowledge to help our patients avoid these kinds of pitfalls.

Then we found Dr. Shannon Siert. See, Shannon is something of a unicorn. She is one of the only dual credentialed doctors of physical therapy, registered dietitians that I have ever met.

Over the past months we have been recruiting hard and were lucky enough to have her join our team.

Over the next few months we will be building out our nutrition services to the public but wanted to give all of you VIP access to her services as part of our initial offering.

We want to offer you a nutrition evaluation, which includes:

  • 1 hour 1 on 1 in depth dietary evaluation

  • Expert recommendations to optimize your nutrition to meet your goals

  • List of our top restaurant recommendations in Bellevue and the best option at each restaurant

  • HIDEF guide to grabbing a quick bite

  • Dr. Shannons grocery list for optimal eating

  • Recovery faster: The total nutrition guide to speed up recovery

  • Dr. Shannons recommended supplement list

In 30 days the price will be $397. We are offering all of this to you for $97 (75% off).

We can only take 15 people through this offer and it will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Click here to sign up and get started optimizing your nutrition for recovery and performance.

Shannon is a physical therapist and dietitian. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and received her undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She moved out to the PNW in 2021 to complete a dietetic internship through Oregon State University, and loved it so much out here that she decided to stay!

She is passionate about using a comprehensive approach that incorporates both PT and nutrition to help patients reach their goals. Shannon has a special interest in:

  • Helping athletes learn how to fuel themselves for training

  • Teaching others how to plan meals that will improve their energy and health

  • Increasing confidence to navigate food decisions in the presence of chronic disease, allergies, or other conditions

  • Educating teenagers and young adults on cooking and grocery shopping skills

Shannon’s approach to physical therapy is active and educational. She loves helping patients to improve their fitness level and learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. She also enjoys teaching patients the “why” behind physical therapy exercises and how to manage pain and injury when they’re at home. Shannon wants PT to feel meaningful and collaborative to patients, so plans are tailored to each patient’s history, current lifestyle and abilities, and goals.

When Shannon’s not in the clinic, she enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, lifting weights, cooking, and exploring new places! She used to work in a bakery and own her own cake business, so every now and then she’ll make some cake or cinnamon rolls to share!

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