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How to Train Like an NBA Pro with Chris Hyppa

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This weeks guest is the local legend, Chris Hyppa!

Chris is a NBA/ WNBA Skills Development Coach and works with some of the top Youth Athletes in the country as well. We talk a lot about basketball but also dive deep into Coaching and how to develop as a younger athlete.


Mitch- What got you started in coaching?

Zach- You train players of all ages, what are some qualities you see that separate the kids that make it and those that don’t?

Mitch- What are the fundamentals every player needs? How are the fundamentals of the game changing?

Zach - You’ve said, If the mental piece is not there things won’t work. How do you work on your mental game?

Mitch - How do you get through to players? Any tips?

Zach - How can I improve my handle? Where would you start?

Mitch- Coaching communication tips?

More from Chris:


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