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Updated: May 18, 2022


A- BB Bench- “big” lift or “metric” lift of the day. Whatever we really want to improve on and are tracking would go here.

A- Band pull aparts- I love adding band pull aparts in as a filler with bench press. Helps clients active their scaps better and also makes benching feel better IMO

B- Eccentric Iso Chin ups- picked a vertical pull variation. Working on not letting my traps take over here, so went tempo rather than just banging them out.

B-Face pulls w external rotation- another filler I like to use to bulletproof my shoulders.

C- Inverted row- picked a horizontal pull variation. I could have supersetted with a vertical push variation but wasn’t feeling it after benching. And I’ll do another upper body lift this week where I can knock it out.

D- Iso-Dynamic Lateral raises- you want Delts that pop, give these a try.

D- 1.5 Bicep curls- another way to add tension to a standard lift is adding a half rep.


Just an example of the structure and logic behind our workouts.


Any questions, let me know!

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