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Expanding Our Expertise: Welcoming Shannon and Kelly to Our Bellevue Physical TherapY Team

Our Bellevue physical therapy clinic is committed to providing the highest quality care, tailored to our active patients' unique needs. In our ongoing effort to enhance our services, we're thrilled to announce the addition of two new dual-credentialed providers, Shannon Siert and Kelly McCracken, to our team.

Patient doing exercise at a bellevue physical therapy clinic

Meet Shannon Siert: Our New Bellevue Physical Therapist and Dietician

bellevue physical therapist Shannon Siert

We're delighted to introduce Shannon Siert, a skilled Bellevue physical therapist who is also a licensed dietician. Shannon's dual expertise allows us to integrate physical therapy with nutritional counseling seamlessly, offering a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

With Shannon on our team, we can delve deeper into the role of nutrition in injury recovery, physical performance, and overall health. Patients can now benefit from individualized dietary advice along with their physical therapy treatment, providing a holistic approach to their recovery and fitness journey. This combination of skills is particularly beneficial for patients aiming to optimize their athletic performance or manage weight in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Introducing Kelly McCracken: Our Dual Credentialed Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer

Bellevue physical therapist Kelly McCracken

We're equally excited to welcome Kelly McCracken, who brings a unique blend of physical therapy and athletic training to our clinic. This dual credential equips us to offer comprehensive care to athletes and active individuals, from injury prevention and treatment to performance enhancement.

Kelly's expertise in athletic training perfectly complements her physical therapy skills, enabling us to deliver superior care for sports-related injuries and conditions. Moreover, her involvement in athletic event coverage ensures that our athletes receive immediate, top-tier care during competitions, minimizing the risk of severe injuries and facilitating quicker recovery.

The Advantage of Dual Credentialed Providers in Bellevue Physical Therapy

The addition of Shannon Siert and Kelly McCracken significantly broadens the scope of our Bellevue physical therapy services. We can now address nutritional aspects related to recovery and performance, provide comprehensive care for sports-related conditions, and ensure the presence of skilled healthcare professionals during athletic events.

As providers of Bellevue physical therapy, we're proud to continuously evolve our services to better meet our active community's needs. With the addition of Shannon and Kelly, we're excited to elevate the level of care we offer and expand our services. We look forward to serving you with our enhanced team and broadened expertise.

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