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5 mistakes people make while lifting UPPER body

Too much push, not enough pull- when we think upper body lifting, BENCH DAY is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Benching is great and all but in a rounded forward society, we need to make sure we’re strong reversing that motion too. Don’t neglect the pull pattern in your training. Some will prescribe even 3:1 ratio pull to push. I’d say 2:1 is probably safe.


Pressing overhead without proper range of motion- these days, the average person we see doesn’t typically have the ROM to press over head. Yet, many are still jamming dumbbells any way they can, coming to see us for Physical Therapy later. Get assessed, so you know if that’s you or not. If you don’t have the ROM, adjust your angle. Use a Landmine press instead. Then work on improving your shoulder mobility.


Overusing the traps- this is something I’ve struggled with and although you’ll get big traps, its also caused me some pain and neck issues, as well as under developed in other areas. Typically in your pulling pattern lifts, make sure you aren’t shrugging every rep. Focus on pulling the shoulder blades down and back, so you can use your lats to do the lifting. If you aren’t able to do this, chances are the weight is too heavy, so lighten it up.


Prioritizing weight lifted over form- forget how much you can bench and focus on how much you can bench well. That goes for all upper body lifts. Many people are curling too much weight and not actually working the muscles they want to be worked. Don’t let that be you!


Not using a Med Ball- ok, this is just my preference but after years of training clients, I can tell you I haven’t had one person that disliked using them. They’re a great way to get some conditioning in without leaving you too sore. Great way to work on ballistic strength and staying explosive. Best of all, when else do you get to throw something as hard as you can without any consequences??? Get on it!


Anyways, I hope this helps you train smarter out there!


If you want more help, hit us up @hidefseattle

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