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Easy Knee Pain Fix

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Pain in the front of the knee?

Try adding something like his to your lower body routine.

This is a 2 up/1 down pattern meaning you are only using 1 leg during the eccentric motion and 2 legs during the concentric motion.

You will lower yourself down with just the painful side and then perform the stand portion using both legs.

This will overload the eccentric phase, which stimulates healing of the tendon, which is most likely causing the pain in the front of the knee.

This is a massive simplification and of course you would benefit from a full evaluation to determine the true source of the anterior knee pain and the cause of the pain (usually something going on up the chain at the hip or pelvis.

This can also be done weighted and can be done on flat ground.

The decline wedge simply helps to load your quads more.

If you have knee pain we recommend getting a physical therapy evaluation. We physical therapy in Seattle and physical therapy in Maple Valley in order to help you get back to your active lifestyle.

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