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Top Coaching Secrets and the Golden Rule of Coaching with Martin Rooney

Ready for some fire to start your week?!

Coach Martin Rooney has it for you!

His coaching resume is almost unmatched and he's here to tell you the keys to becoming a great coach yourself! In life, sports, whatever!

All of these lessons can also be found in his NEW BOOK "Coach to Coach".

If you pick up a copy, email martin@coachinggreatness.com for some FREE coaching resources!


-The word coach originated from the car- expand more on that

-In your book, Coach To Coach, you talk about the golden rule of coaching. Tell people about the golden rule of coaching and why you think this of all things is so important- be more enthusiastic about someone other than yourself

-We all know coaches that a good and ones that are not so good. What are the attributes of a great coach?

-What are the main mistakes you see being made in coaching or that you’ve made?

-What is your top advice for a new coach to be successful?

-How do you balance being friendly as a coach and just being someone’s friend?

-Things are up in the air right now. In our state gyms are still closed and we are training clients virtually. What do you see for the future of The coaching industry?

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