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Post-Surgical Nutrition

Post-surgical nutrition is an essential aspect of the healing process after surgery, and it is vital for ensuring optimal recovery. The body needs extra energy and nutrients to heal tissues, fight infection, and replenish lost blood and fluids. Protein is particularly important, as it aids in tissue repair and wound healing. Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and zinc are also crucial for the recovery process. The dietary needs can vary depending on the type of surgery, the individual's overall health, and any underlying medical conditions. In some cases, specific nutritional supplementation might be required to meet the increased needs.

Patients may also have altered digestion or absorption, depending on the surgical site, and may require dietary modifications or specialized medical nutrition therapy. Collaborating closely with a registered dietitian or healthcare provider who specializes in post-surgical nutrition is often recommended to tailor a dietary plan that suits the patient's specific needs, enhancing recovery and reducing the risk of complications.

Our registered dietician, Shannon Siert, has created a full post-surgery nutrition plan. As you can see below, there are many things that you can do for yourself prior to surgery. What you eat supplies the building blocks for your body to recover. You can either set yourself up for success, or risk the potential downsides of not having optimal nutrition.

nutrition for after surgery to improve healing
post surgical nutrition

Post surgical nutrition plan
nutrition post surgery

If you would like the full program, click here to download the full PDF for free.

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