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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

One of the worst feelings in a gym is walking in and not having a clue what to do.

This is easily one of the biggest resistances for people being consistent in the gym.

Sure, you can buy a program from someone(even us @hidefseattle)

What happens when you don’t have all the equipment you need?

In these cases, you need a template.

In this example, I hit an upper body workout in my shitty apartment gym.

Here’s the template I would recommend:

Horizontal push: Example: chest press movement

Horizontal pull: Example: rowing movement

Vertical push: Example: overhead press

Vertical pull: Example: Pull up or lat pull down

Core exercise

Core exercise




With this template always in your head, you can get a solid, balanced workout in anywhere, anytime.

Lower body would work the same way. “Push” being a squat pattern and “pull” being a hinge pattern.

Of course this isn’t perfect and of course there’s a lot more that can go into programming.

It’s more than a great start though!

Hope it helps!

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