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ACL Rehab FAQs

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

1. What is ACL reconstruction physical therapy?

ACL reconstruction physical therapy is a type of rehabilitation program used to help individuals recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. It helps restore the strength, range of motion and coordination in their affected knee joint. ACL reconstruction physical therapy can also help improve balance, agility, and function.

2. Why is ACL reconstruction physical therapy necessary?

ACL reconstruction physical therapy is necessary to ensure that the individual can move freely and safely, with minimal pain and discomfort. It helps them regain their strength and range of motion in the affected knee after an ACL injury, helping to prevent long-term damage or disability. It also helps improve coordination and balance, allowing individuals to return to activities they want to do.

3. How long does ACL reconstruction physical therapy take?

The length of ACL reconstruction physical therapy depends on a variety of factors. In general, return to sport is anywhere from 11-16 months.

4. What are the benefits of ACL reconstruction physical therapy?

ACL reconstruction physical therapy has numerous benefits, including improved strength and range of motion, improved coordination and balance, reduced pain and stiffness, improved confidence with movement and activity, and a safe return to activities like sports. Additionally, ACL reconstruction physical therapy can help prevent long-term damage or disability as it helps individuals move freely and safely.

5. How do I prepare for ACL physical therapy?

Ensure that you have any paperwork or notes from your doctor prior to starting the program, and bring them along with you if possible. Be ready to commit to the rehab process and be consistent with your home exercises.

6. What can I expect during ACL reconstruction physical therapy?

During ACL reconstruction physical therapy, you can expect an individualized program tailored to your specific needs. The physical therapist will do a comprehensive assessment of the affected knee joint and create an individualized treatment plan. This may include exercises such as stretching, strengthening, and balance activities. You can also expect manual therapy techniques like soft tissue mobilization or joint mobilizations to improve ROM. We will take you through all phases of rehab and help you get back to the field at 110%.

7. What are the post-ACL reconstruction physical therapy exercises I need to do?

Your physical therapist will prescribe exercises for you each week to perform. We follow a protocol and advancements in exercises are based on reaching key milestones and the therapist watching exercises for correct technique.

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