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1 year at our Physical Therapy Clinic in Renton | HIDEF

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

1 year ago, we opened our doors as a physical therapy clinic in Renton. We have since treated hundreds of patients and helped them improve their quality of life. We have been honored to be a part of such a great community here in Renton and have enjoyed being able to help so many people.

When we first opened our location inside of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance we knew it would be the perfect home for HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy. The environment inside of Vigor, created by Luka Hocevar, was exactly what we were looking for. The over 10,000 sq/ft gym allows us access to modern strength training equipment, turf, sleds, and the latest rogue performance equipment. With this setting we have been able to help people all the way from day 1 post op back to return to sport on the field.

By using progressive exercise, blood flow restriction therapy, dynamometry to test strength, and manual therapy to reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility, our physical therapists have helped their patients regain the function they need to live their lives and perform when they need it most. Our athletes return to the field confident in their recovery and often times stronger, more flexible, and more well rounded than they were prior to their injury.

Our physical therapists have also helped people prevent injuries by teaching them how to properly warm up and cool down, as well as how to properly stretch and use proper form when exercising. In addition, physical therapists can provide people with guidelines on how much rest and how much activity is appropriate for their level of fitness. By helping people understand the importance of corrective exercise, mobility training, and recovery through physical therapy we have helped of our clients to stay injury free.

At HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy, we believe that exercise and physical activity are essential to living a healthy and happy life. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance or someone who wants to improve their overall quality of life, our team of skilled and compassionate physical therapists is here to guide you through your journey back to health.

Thank you again for all your support over the past year. We’ve been able to help so many people get back to doing the things they love, and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing community. To show our appreciation, we’re hosting a charity workout event on Saturday, November 19th at 9am. Come out and join us for a fun-filled morning as we celebrate another successful year!

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