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The High Performance Nutrition Secrets of the Pros with Dr. Susan Kleiner

Wanna learn how to eat like the top high performers in sports?

Author of "The New Power Eating" and "The Good Mood Diet", Dr. Susan Kleiner can help with that!

Susan is currently the High Performance Nutrition Consultant to the Seattle Storm. Dr. Kleiner has consulted with many other professional teams and team members, including the Seattle Reign, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Thunderbirds and Seattle Supersonics, the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, Olympians and elite athletes in countless sports.

In this episode we cover:

-What are 1-2 things you end up giving to everyone you work with? (Common problems you see)

-Tips for guiding/ motivating athletes to work on nutrition? (A lot of athletes I work with don’t seem to think that nutrition is important.

-What do you think about the idea of cheat meals? We see a lot of athletes post cheat meals.

-“Never under fuel your training”/ importance of carbs

-Specific nutrition for healing from injuries?

-The “good mood diet”/ brain fitness

-Supplement recommendations that improve athletes performance

More from Susan:


IG: @powereat

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