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How to Get Strong By Science with Max Schmarzo

This weeks episode is one of the most informative we've had yet!

Max is a super smart guy and we were pumped to get some of our own questions answered by him and really just "talk shop".


Mitch- What does “strong by science” mean to you and why did you choose that as your brand?

Zach- my background for sports was as a triple and long jumper. I spend over a decade training plyos heavily. Over time it became harder to continue that training due to injury. How do you Program plyometrics? How do you balance joint loading with training?

Mitch- I wanna talk about Sport specific movements vs. just building overall strength. On one side we have people trying to make everything as sport specific as possible, on the other we have the argument that overall strength transfers no matter what. What is your take and how do you program based on this?

Zach- when I was training for track I was all about moving at the speed at which I was going to be competing you always drove me crazy when coaches wouldn't have us go full speed until the week before our first meet. Thoughts on train slow move slow? Should power athletes improve their aerobic system even if it means moving slow?

Mitch- What are 3 things top-tier athletes do in their training that’s different than those that don’t make it or are mediocre? Essentially, what should athletes listening start doing?

Zach- my philosophy on training has changed quite a bit over time as I have been a physical therapist. You talked about your framework, do you have any over arching philosophies or principals some one can take away from this about training today?

Mitch- We’ve heard you talk about adaptive currency, tell us about that and how can someone know where they’re at?

Zach- Tell us a bit about Upper Echelon Nutrition

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