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Updated: May 18, 2022

Chin up- W- 1 rep, M-3-5 reps

Inverted Row- W- 1-5 reps, M- 5-10 reps

Squat- W- BW, M-1.5 BW

Deadlift- W- 1.125 BW, M-1.75 BW

Push-up- W- 10 reps, M-20 reps

Bench Press- W- 0.6 BW, M-BW

OH Press-0.4xBW, M- 0.6xBW,

SL RDL- W- 0.4xBW, 6-8 reps ea, M- 0.5xBW, 6-8 reps ea

SL Squat From a Box- W-5 reps ea, M- 5 Reps ea


Reading @alwyncosgrove book and saw these strength standards. I think they’re pretty reasonable and a solid goal to shoot for if you aren’t there yet!


COMMENT if you have these or what you need to improve on!

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