Pain In the Neck? Literally...

We have been seeing a recent up tick in neck pain with more people working on the computer from home.

In Seattle, physical therapists have been loading up on cases like these for a better part of a decade due to the surge in tech jobs in the area.

Upper cross syndrome happens from maintaining a forward head and rounded should position for hours on end.

In order to reverse this we need to stretch the chest and anterior shoulder

Then we need to stretch the muscles at the base of the skull where the neck attaches called the sub occipitals

Then we need to restrengthen the weakened muscles including the deep neck flexors (anterior neck)

And the low and mid traps that oppose the scapular position caused by tight pecs

Hit these areas and I know it will help you reduce that stubborn neck pain.

At HIDEF Seattle Sports & Physical Therapy we also provide therapy with a focus on manual therapy in order to improve our outcomes with patients.

WE have a unique framework that we bring each patient through each session in order to maximize results.

Read more about this method here

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