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Mobile physical therapy | A way of the past and the future

In the 1930's house call visits made up approximately 40% of all doctor visits. By 1980 this number had dropped to approximately 0.6%, but why? Having a doctor visit your home used to be a usual thing, and it makes sense to us. If you are sick, or in our case injured, you should not have to deal with getting yourself to your doctor's office to receive care. Often this is major energy expenditure and takes inordinate amounts of time for those who are less mobile, or are unable to drive.

The reason this changed is due to productivity standards, insurance reimbursement rates, and convenience for providers. It is much easier and more productive for a doctor to spend their time within one office. This gives them the ability to efficiently line up patients each 15-20 mins (or less). It eliminates the drive times and therefor, allows physicians to bring in more money.

This is the same for my industry, physical therapy. What Hidef Seattle has partnered with Physical Therapy Dynamix to do, is to give the convenience back to the patient. We spend our time driving so that you don't have to. We understand the difficulties of making an appointment after an injury or surgery. This is why we offer mobile physical therapy from the comfort of your home, office, or gym.

Along the way we also thought to ourselves, who else would benefit from this convenience? Anyone who is busy really! Just like Google Maps saves you time driving, Uber saves you time with ride share, we save you time with physical therapy.

With in home and in office physical therapy we are able to take on the commute so that you don't have to. This has allowed us to give back value to time to busy individuals, who can now spend this time doing more productive things, like spending it with their family.

If you want to save time and mobile physical therapy sounds like something that could benefit you, then ask us how we can help by clicking the link below.

- Dr. W Zach Smith, PT, DPT

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