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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We want to make it clear that its the method not the Mitch that gets the results here.

No, we aren’t making this stuff up or claiming that we discovered it.

Zach and I have simply taken all that we’ve learned throughout our years and put it into the HIDEF P5 Method, so that our training could be consistent throughout our brand.

Prepare- this is all about getting your body prepared to train. Using self-myofascial release work and mobility to get your body to be able to achieve the positions required for your lifts. Ex: 3-5 minutes of cardio, targeted foam rolling, and specific mobility work based on your needs.

Prime- here we’re working to activate the muscles that will be needed for this session, work on any weak spots, and then prime the CNS. The goal here is to “wake up” the muscles

Ex: band pull aparts, banded clam shells, MB throw

Perform- this is where we do our strength and skill work.

Ex: Hinge, Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull variations.

Progress-this is where you progress mentally. It’s about ending on a high note and pushing yourself a bit.

Ex: Tabatta-8 rounds of Mountain climbers- 20 on/10 rest

Polish- this is the active recovery phase. Getting the body into a parasympathetic state as quickly as we can to start the recovery process.

Ex: back belly breathing, targeted mobility and foam rolling.

You ready to get started?!

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