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HIDEF Physical Therapy: The Premier Sports Clinic in the Pacific Northwest

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

HIDEF Physical Therapy stands as a beacon of innovation in sports physical therapy. Nestled in the heart of the greater Seattle area, our mission is to combine the most advanced treatment methodologies with a top-level customer experience. We're all about moving forward - using exercise and manual therapy techniques to get you feeling better, faster.

Our Services

At HIDEF Physical Therapy, our approach is multifaceted. We specialize in:

  • Surgical Recovery: From ACL reconstruction and Achilles repair to rotator cuff repair, we support you through every phase of recovery.

  • Acute Injury Treatment: Whether it's a hamstring strain, ankle sprain, or a low back injury, our rapid response ensures effective treatment.

  • Sports Rehab: Acute or chronic, our specialties include patellar tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder impingement, and tennis/golf elbow.

A True Sports Clinic

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. We pride ourselves on getting clients in quickly, addressing issues promptly, and ensuring a speedy return to what you love most. Our therapists' continuous training and ever-improving processes enhance both patient outcomes and experiences.

Our Core Values

At HIDEF, we believe in:

  • Optimism: A positive approach to every challenge

  • Curiosity: Constantly learning and evolving

  • Work Ethic: Striving for perfection in all we do

  • Empathy & Warmth: Genuine care for our clients

  • Self-Awareness & Integrity: Being true to ourselves and our principles

Our Specialized Team

Our team consists of doctors in physical therapy, dual-credentialed dietitians, physical therapists, and sports clinical specialists, all well-versed in various specialties from pelvic floor therapy to weight lifting, bike fitting, and more.

Specialties by clinic:

Covington: Post op rehab, pelvic floor, weight lifting, general sports and orthopedics

Renton: Post op rehab, ACL reconstruction, bike fitting and rehab, shoulder injuries, parasports

Seattle : Post op rehab, knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries, combat and tactical athlete specific injuries

Bellevue: Nutrition (weight loss, injury recovery, diabetes) post op rehab, sports physical therapy, joint replacements

Exclusive Offers and Locations

Discover our nutrition evaluation special at $127, or enjoy a free physical therapy assessment. With locations in Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, and Covington, accessibility is never an issue.

Building a Stronger Future

Our vision reaches beyond in-person services. We're expanding our online presence, growing our physical locations, and creating more online programs to reach more people.

Join the HIDEF Movement

At HIDEF Physical Therapy, we aim to be synonymous with new-age, clean, high-end care. Our reputation for being the best is what we live for. Experience a new wave of physical therapy with us.

Visit our website or contact us today to schedule your appointment.

About HIDEF Physical Therapy

HIDEF Physical Therapy is more than a place for rehabilitation; it's where performance meets recovery. Specializing in acute injuries, sports injuries, and post-operative rehab, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to physical wellness. Our team of skilled therapists are experts in a range of sub-specialties, including ACL reconstruction, bike fit, nutrition, CrossFit, hockey, overhead throwing, running/gait analysis, and much more.

Our Locations:

  • Seattle, WA: Your partner in achieving your peak physical potential.

  • Bellevue, WA: Redefining recovery with cutting-edge techniques.

  • Renton, WA: Where athletes come to rebuild and regain.

  • Covington, WA: Comprehensive care for every stage of your journey.

Whether you are an athlete or someone striving for better physical health, HIDEF Physical Therapy is committed to providing innovative and personalized care that empowers you to live an active, healthy, and pain-free life.

Contact Us to schedule an appointment or learn more about how HIDEF Physical Therapy can be your guide to recovery and resilience. Follow us on Facebook, and Instagram for updates, tips, and success stories.

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