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Here's How Athletes Can Avoid Getting Sick This Year

Before you guzzle down your shot of oregano sesame seed oil and ashwaghanda Himalayan lion mane…

Are you doing all of these things?

Of course, we could do all of this and still just be unlucky…

But most people are at higher risk of infection than others and have no idea why.

Here are some actions to work on from @drbubbs book “Peak”

Sleep-If you’re not sleeping, this should be your new lifes work… “lack of sleep causes excessive activation of your HPA axis and sympathetic nervous system, leading to chronic levels of cortisol, and adrenaline. Lack of sleep also throws off your circadian rhythms, sparking inflammation and disturbing the rhythmic nature of your immune system”.

Reduce stress at home-“your perception of stress has a massive influence on your immunity”

Wash hands regularly- this should be a given. Also avoiding sick people… another given.

Eat enough calories-“the state of low energy availability means there is less energy to support immunity, digestive and cardiovascular health”. Super important for high level athletes to eat enough. Those recreational athletes that are trying to lose weight, should do so at a deficit of 200-500 calories per day.

Control blood sugar- “when your blood glucose drops you experience a marked increase in secretion of anti-inflammatory hormones and cytokines, which have a major detrimental impact on immune function”. High level athletes need to be on top of their carb intake, not letting their blood glucose levels drop too low. Recreational athletes should consider the same and eat a balanced diet that doesn’t lead to massive peaks and valleys in blood sugar.

Protein- your immune system needs protein to run effectively, especially when you’re training.

High level athletes should be making this a part of their routine, without question.

Us rec athletes should be doing the same in these times!

Hope this helps!

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