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Seattle sports Physical therapy

With the addition of our new provider, Dr. Noelle White, PT, DPT we are excited to be able to add another specialty at our Physical Therapy clinic in Seattle, WA. Noelle was a collegiate hockey player herself and has a passion for working with hockey athletes and a variety of other sports. Over the past several years she has honed her orthopedic skills to create an unmatched experience for our patients.

About HIDEF Physical Therapy Seattle

Our clinic is located inside of a 5,ooo sq/ft crossfit gym (CrossFit Felix). This partnership has allowed us to offer a high level physical therapy experience that is similar to the training experiences that professional and collegiate athletes have.

We have access to all the weights, cardio equipment, and tools that the pros have, and now you do too. Our physical therapy is different from traditional physical therapy in that we are much more exercise and strength forward. We still provide all the manual therapies and corrective exercises that most physical therapy clinics offer yet we have the benefit of programming high level strength and conditioning work.

Why Getting Sports Physical Therapy matters

If you are like me, you want the best. You probably want a physical therapy experience where you will be pushed and you feel like you are getting the most out of your time and money.

We offer in person physical therapy paired with a customized home exercise program in order to help you get back to your best as fast as possible. Many of your physical therapy visits will feel more like a workout, and that's how it should be. In order to gain strength you have to push a little. If you are underloaded and never move up from the red theraband, you will never get stronger. I am sure some of you can relate to a rehab experience where you just felt like you were going through the motions and wondered if it was worth your time. If this is what you are thinking, you are probably right.

What HIDEF Has To Offer

When you come in for physical therapy with us your expert physical therapist will fully evaluate your injury. They will not only look at the area of injury but the areas above and below and how the body moves overall in order to help you optimize your movement. Fro there your expert will help develop a plan of care, provide manual therapy, exercises including strength and mobility, and conditioning.

Our goal at HIDEF PT is to give you the best experience in physical therapy possible. We will work with you to design a plan of care that fits your goals, schedule, and specific injury. Your physical therapist will help you with this plan of care every step of the way and motivate you to get back to 100%.

Our Specialties

At HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy we accel at providing care for acute injuries. Whether you took a hard fall on the mountain skiing, twisted your knee playing a field sport, or rolled your ankle with basketball we can help you out.

One of our other subspecialties is post surgical rehab. At our Seattle physical therapy clinic our providers are experts in the rehab process following surgery. HIDEF has created many of the protocols we use for post op rehab. We took the time to sit down with local surgeons and experts to build these protocols in order to maximize the recovery process.

If you are interested in seeing a sports physical therapy expert in Seattle click below to get your evaluation scheduled.

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