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Want to get the most out of your body and ensure your ability to do the things you love late into your life?
Our 10-week program will improve the longevity of your body and physical ability.

After working with athletes of all levels for a decade Dr. Zach Smith has refined a program built for people who want to bulletproof their body to prevent injury, improve performance, and maximize the longevity of their physical abilities.

Our program is designed to go through each area of the body and assess it for potential injury. After we identify these areas we create a program that will address potential problems. We use manual therapy techniques, mobility and stretching, and corrective exercises to help you 

Our 10-week program is designed to target every common injury as well as the areas we identify from your detailed assessment.



Bulletproof Body is for those of you who want a plan to master your physical health. Our method revolutionizes physical therapy, performance, and injury prevention.

What you get 

Full assessment of strength, range of motion, movement, and performance.

Unlimited email and text access to your therapist to ensure you get the most out of the program.

10 in-person visits to receive manual therapy, and one on one guidance through your exercise program.

Tailored exercise program via our app that will walk you through each corrective exercise, stretch, and movement.

Plus so many bonuses that we couldn't possibly list them all

Dr. Zach is limited with availability so we have opened up just 5 spots for new clients.

Because of the level of detail in each program we are only able to provide this service to a limited number of people.


***Bulletproof Body is only available at our Bellevue location.

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