Corporate and Residential Wellness

Wellness programs are one of the top benefits you can offer employees and residents

Our Solution

At HiDef Seattle we supply highly trained staff to offer your residents or employees state-of-the-art, and top level health related services.

We are able to operate both from your fitness center and through offsite facilities, which ever is best for you.

Corportate wellness in Seattle
Group fitness Seattle

Corporate wellness programs are a great way to add value to your employment benefits package while reducing the cost of health care and time lost from work due to preventable illness and injury.

Corporate wellness programs can help to improve productivity and performance of employees through fitness and nutritional support.

Corporate Wellness

Residential Wellness


Fitness Center Management

Residential wellness, including training and other health services, is one of the top amenities of prospective tenants when looking for housing.

Health and fitness services rank among the Top Rated amenities offered by corporations and housing facilities

Our Services

1 on 1 Personal Training

Group Fitness Training and Classes

Online and In Person Nutrition Coaching

Health Seminars and Education

Community Health and Fitness Events

Mobility and Stretching Programs

Injury Prevention Programs

Ergonomic and Postural Assessment

Nothing builds community like fitness