We Created a Template Of The Exact System We Use To Treat Our Professional Athletes...

And We Will Show You How You Can Use This Method For Yourself!

Does this sound familiar to you?

You show up to the clinic and fill out loads of paperwork then wait around for a while.


Your therapist is a bit behind schedule, which cuts into your appointment time.


The therapist talks with you and goes through the evaluation, but due to the wasted time and your therapist being late you don’t get much as far as treatment and exercise.

The second visit you may come in and be put on a bike for 10 minutes.


Then you see your doctor of physical therapy for 15-30 minutes and get passed off to an exercise tech/physical therapy aide.

The next visit you come in you may even see another therapist or even a physical therapy assistant who doesn’t seem to know much about your injury or plan for rehab.


They give you a completely different set of exercise and information.

You get tired of it and decide that it isn’t worth the time or money choose to go at it alone.

Unfortunately, this is all too familiar to lot of people who find themselves in a physical therapy clinic.

This is why we created the HIDEF Method.

What you need to know though is that we are not your traditional physical therapy. We do things a whole lot different.

We have taken all the useless, time consuming, and unimportant pieces out of physical therapy and created a framework to get you the most out of your time. We have optimized the process of physical therapy to minimize your time in rehab and maximize your result.

This method is for those of you who want a plan to master your physical health. This is the framework that we use in our clinic every day to get results.

What you get from this resource

A structured framework to create your own physical therapy program

A method to independently work on injury prevention

Examples of manual therapy, strength exercises, stretches, and functional movement patterns for every area of the body

$250+ in value for only $9.95


Dr. Zach

Dr. Zach Smith is a board certified and licensed doctor of physical therapy. Dr. Zach also holds a B.S. in Exercise Science.


Dr. Zach was a Division I full ride scholarship athlete at the University of New Mexico where he specialized in long and triple jump.

Through 7 years of schooling and over 10,000 hours of practice, and working with the highest level athletes, Dr. Zach came up with the HIDEF Restore Method of physical therapy.


This method is based on the belief that it is essential to use a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, stability & proprioceptive exercise, and functional movement training is the key lasting results with physical therapy.

Dr. Zach also has the belief that we are all capable of more than we could imagine when provided the right information.

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What a wonderful experience working with HIDEF!
I have been having PT done for a lower back issue. The process of contacting HIDEF for initial steps and the first appointment was so easy! I love the flexibility of the appointment windows offered, and also appreciate being able to be in contact during the treatment process. HIDEF ensures you are understanding the at-home program given to get the most success, and customer service like that is truly appreciated! I was also able to call/email and get timely responses with any questions I had on the program. I highly recommend working with HIDEF for any PT needs!


Dr.Zach is the most amazing PT. I met with him when I broke my shoulder and fractured my arm in several spots. I was adamant that I didn’t want surgery even though some opinions thought I should. But, Dr.Zach was confident that he could help me and he did! I went to him for 7 months and I went from not moving my arm from my side to full recovery. He worked really hard to help me recover and now I have full functionality and if I saw anyone else that may not have happened. Even my Orthopedic surgeon was impressed! he even said after that he wasn’t sure surgery could have given him a better result. It was a tough journey for me but having such a kind but real PT made all the difference. I absolutely recommend him! Thank you Dr. Zach!


Dr. Zach Smith helped me with the rehab of my “frozen” shoulder. I appreciated his depth of knowledge and skills. He took the time to explain the biomechanics of my injury and rehabilitation. Dr. Smith is kind and easy to work with and as a result, my shoulder improved greatly!

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