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Sports Physical Therapy - The Importance of Seeing a Specialist

Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, Covington Physical Therapy

Physical activity is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. However, engaging in different sports or activities can also lead to injuries, which could limit your participation or performance. This is where sports physical therapy comes in. Unlike regular physical therapy that focuses on treating people with sedentary related injuries, a sports physical therapist is trained to address injuries related to athletic activity. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of seeing a sports physical therapy specialist for injury prevention and recovery.

How Sports Physical Therapy Is Different

A sports physical therapy practice differs a lot from traditional physical therapy clinics. The average person in America could be categorized as under active. This is even true for myself sometimes. Being under active or sedentary presents a different set of problems for what plagues the average athlete, whether you are pro or are just doing it for recreation. These two types of injuries are very different from each other and the treatment couldn't be any different.

Let me put it this way, if you were treating 15 of 1 type of person per day and then ended up treating 1 person that is complete different you may struggle to help them. This is the same with any profession. I am sure you would rather see the orthopedic surgeon that does 150 ACL reconstructions per year compared to the the one who does 5.

Our physical therapists are used to treating a majority of active individuals. Over a long period of working with this population, we have become the experts. Just like some clinics may not excel with treating sports injuries, our clinic is not set up to manage conditions such as diabetes or fibromyalgia.

How We Treat

Our therapists work with athletes and active individuals to identify potential injury causes and develop strategies to avoid them. During an initial consultation, the specialist will assess your body mechanics, physical limitations, and goals. They'll use that information to create an exercise program that matches your fitness level and enhances muscle performance. The specialist will also advise you on proper techniques and form, and suggest protective gear to minimize the risk of injury.

Sports physical therapy specialists understand the unique nature of sports injuries. Unlike typical sedentary-related injuries, sports injuries occur due to a sudden impact, overuse, or improper form. A sports physical therapist is knowledgeable about different sports and their associated injuries. They have studied and managed injuries unique to various sports, which means they know the best treatment protocols. At HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy, our specialists have experience treating injuries in different sports, including basketball, soccer, football, and gymnastics.

Sports physical therapists provide customized treatment plans fit for active people and matched to your level of fitness and your goals. They develop personalized treatment plans based on the patient's history, pain levels, and diagnosis. Treatment plans also consider the patient's desired activity level and goals, ensuring that they receive treatment conducive to specific needs. During treatment, sports physical therapists utilize a range of techniques to aid in the healing process, including joint mobilization, massage, and stretching, among others.

Sports Physical Therapy

In conclusion, sports physical therapy is a crucial aspect of your overall health and wellness, especially for athletes and active individuals. The unique nature of sports injuries requires a specialist who has experience treating these injuries. At HIDEF Sports & Physical Therapy, our sports physical therapy specialists have expertise treating different sports injuries. Our specialists also focus on preventive measures, personalized treatment plans, and injury rehabilitation to ensure our patients return to their desired activity levels. If you are an athlete or an active individual who has experienced injury or discomfort while participating in physical activities, contact a sports physical therapy specialist today for a consultation.

If you are looking for a physical therapist in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, or Covington we now have sports physical therapy locations in all of these cities. Click the link below to get your appointment booked with one of our sports specialists today!

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