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👀Don't need a personal trainer? You should read this if you workout👀

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

That was what I thought...

Then I realized, my whole athletic journey leading to this point I have always had a coach. Someone to help me out with my workouts, hold me accountable, show me where I could improve, and help guide me in my pursuit of my potential.

Yes, most of us know how to workout. We probably even know exercise progression.

But how many of you are still doing the same workouts you were a year ago? Or even 3 years ago? I know sometimes I get too lazy to figure out something new to do.

Or maybe you just drop into a random class from time to time...

This doesn't lead to progression.

There is a difference in working out and training.

Working out is throwing random bouts of exercise together and hoping they produce a result.

Training is creating a plan that maps to your EXACT goal and then executing that plan.

There is a true science to exercise and how to create progressions, challenge, load/load management in order to maximize results.

If you want a specific result you should have

a plan that maps to that goal, not a random drop in schedule on class pass.

What a personal trainer has been able to help me with is programming workouts so that I don't have to think about it.

It has helped my motivation and accountability.

A personal trainer is really just a shepherd like Yoda was for Luke Skywalker or Haymitch for Katniss in the hunger games.

They come in many varieties ands styles. Some trainers help you in person, some help you virtual, and some help you program.

If you are interested in personal training head over to our website and schedule a consult to see if we can be your Yoda!


Dr. Zach

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