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Physical Therapist Sammamish

What is Physical Therapy?


If you’re suffering from a medical condition, illness or injury that interferes with your mobility and physical functions, you can benefit greatly from physical therapy Sammamish treatments. Physical therapy is a non-invasive branch of the health sciences. The treatments applied in physical therapy are designed to help improve mobility and physical function. At HIDEF Physical Therapy, you will gain access to a physical therapist Sammamish residents trust for the best services and results. We will provide you with a customized program aimed at improving your physical function and overall health and wellbeing. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule a session with one of our therapists.

How can a physical therapist in Sammamish help you?


At HIDEF Physical Therapy, we work with patients, athletes and individuals looking to improve the quality of their lives. Our physical therapy sessions can help patients address various issues and eliminate pain, avoid surgery, improve their mobility and recover from injury. We work in close cooperation with other healthcare professionals to help patients in the management of their conditions and in recovery from illness or injury. We can help you live a fuller and more active life.

How can physical therapy services help improve your quality of life?


Physical therapy is a great way to improve your range of motion and physical capabilities. It is not reserved for the injured or sick. It can in fact, help improve your quality of life by improving your physical capabilities. Physical therapy will help you manage pain and improve your strength. This will help you live a more active life.

What happens in a therapy session?


A typical physical therapy Sammamish session at HIDEF Physical Therapy will involve the assessment of your level of physical capabilities. We will work to determine your range of motion and strength. Our physical therapists will discuss your condition with you and help you set realistic goals. We will guide you in performing various exercises to improve both your range of motion and strength.

We Also Provide the Following Services:

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

  • Acute injury rehabilitation

  • Post operative rehabilitation

  • Performance optimization

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Home exercise program

  • Manual therapy

Why Choose HIDEF Physical Therapy?

At HIDEF Physical therapy, you can be sure you will be receiving consistently high quality physical therapy services Sammamish trusts for the best rest results. With our services you will always receive care from the same physical therapist in our clinic in Sammamish. This ensures continuity in your care. We provide all our patients with customized plans. You will receive custom care to help you achieve your specific goals.

For the best results, we also provide our patients with at-home support through our home exercise program app. You can continue to exercise safely at home with our guidance.

About Sammamish, WA


Sammamish is a suburb of Seattle. It is located in King County and is part of the Seattle Metropolitan Area. It is recognized as one of the best places to live in the State of Washington. Sammamish residents enjoy a sparse suburban environment, where many of the residents own their homes.

The suburb offers residents and visitors access to a wide range of activities. You’ll especially love Sammamish if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. There’s something to do throughout the year. From skiing in the winter to fishing in the summer, there’ll be something to do outdoors no matter what the season is.

We at HIDEF Physical Therapy are committed to ensuring that residents of Sammamish can enjoy an active life. Contact us to learn more about physical therapy services Sammamish residents trust to help them enjoy life to the fullest.


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