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Feel Better In Your Body

Nutritional advice and implementation to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals so you can feel better in your body.

Feel Better


Sports performance

Speed healing from injury

Improve bone health 

Increased muscle mass

Decrease fat mass

Disease management

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Nutrition coaching

Choosing HIDEF for nutrition coaching means you will receive individualized coaching from our dietician. We place an emphasis on designing a program that will help you to be successful in the least restrictive way.

Online personal training

Virtual Coaching

Our coaches have years of experience in nutrition coaching. Our coaches work with individuals from all over the country and the world. We use a unique approach that does not use a one size fits all formula. We will work with you to make your ideal diet work for you.

Nutrition coaching

Weight Loss and Wellness

We have coaches that specialize is weight loss, wellness, and sports performance. Whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, we can help you with a program that will get you to your goals.

Your first visit with our dietician will include a comprehensive evaluation of your current diet, metabolic rate, and calorie needs. From this information we will help you to set up a plan that will guide you in your nutrition.



Each individual will get a custom nutrition plan based on their eating preference and lifestyle.


A registered dietician has advanced training to ensure that you are safe and healthy with all your diet modifcations. 


Customized nutritional plan to help you reach your goals quickly. 


Accountability is built in with our nutrition program so that you can get the result you want without stress.

Our dietician has experience working with people of all levels from all walks of life. From athlete to weekend warrior to those of you looking to lose weight, we have the nutrition coach for you.

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