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sports mindset training

Mindset Mastermind

Choosing HIDEF mindset training means choosing high level mindset coaching and mental conditioning. We take a unique approach to mindset training through assessment of current mindset, architecture of ideal mindset framework, and addition of practices to help you achieve at the highest level. We do our training one on one and in a mastermind setting.

virtual coaching

Online Coaching

Our coaches have experience with working with a wide variety of individuals. Our coaches come from backgrounds ranging from high performance business professionals to high level athletes. We know what it takes to get your mindset to the next level.

sports mental conditioning

Sports Mental Conditioning

Our sports mental conditioning program helps athletes improve their performance by breaking down mental barriers and developing habits and behaviors of champions. We help athletes work past mental fatigue, fear, limiting self beliefs, and anxiety through positive and neutral framing.

Your first session with our team will include a comprehensive evaluation of your mindset, goals, and current behaviors. We then help you to architect the ideal mindset to reach your goals. Lastly, we help you develop a plan to transform your mind and achieve the highest level of performance possible. 



Each individual will get a custom mindset plan based on their goals and and strengths.


Our coaches are certified nutrition coaches with advanced training in human nutrition. We refine our knowledge weekly through education and training in order to stay at the leading edge of scientific research.


Science based program design to help you reach your goals in the shortest, most efficient time possible.

Weekly calls

Each client gets a weekly call for accountability and to ensure progress on mindset program. 

Our coaches have experience working with people of all levels from all walks of life. From athlete to business professional to those of you looking to improve your habits, improve productivity, or reach the highest level of performance.


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First, we help you audit your current mind-set, behaviors, goals, and the way you are spending your time.


We will then help you architect your goals, daily routines, success behaviors, and your why.


We then help you to achieve at the highest level through continued coaching and accountability.

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