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Using our unique Physical Therapy framework, we help people who have been injured reduce their pain and restore function so they can enjoy their life again.

  • Consistent care with the same doctor of physical therapy each visit

  • Truly custom plan of care

  • Access to our home exercise program app to help with accountability

5 Star Review
5 Star Reiew
5 Star Review
5 Star Review
5 Star Review

"I couldn’t be more happy!! I would recommend HIDEF to anyone! I came to Dr Zach with chronic knee pain that I would experience while hiking and jogging, I thought I was going I need surgery! But Zach has got me back on the trails pain free!!"
-Lance B.

Treatment Techniques

Manual Therapy

We offer manual therapy including massage, joint mobilization, passive stretching, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and many other technique to facilitate healing. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for an athletic event, or needing to improve mobility, we can use manual therapy to speed your progress to your goals.

Therapeutic Exercise

We use clinical and home exercise program prescription to allow you maximize your strength, mobility, range of motion, and balance. We believe in using all of the tools available to get you back to peak physical condition including weight lifting, cardiovascular training, stability training, balance training, and mobility and range of motion conditioning. We apply exercise science principals to strategically progress resistance and difficulty of exercises so that you get the most out of each session so you can get to your goals faster.

Home Exercise Program

Each patient is prescribed a home exercise program. We have partnered with Medbridge to provide top rated home exercise programs. All exercise programs come with access to a phone or web app that has pictures and video demonstration of exercises along with the ability to log exercises as you perform them for accountability.

5 Star Review
5 Star Reiew
5 Star Review
5 Star Review
5 Star Review


My wife and I started training 2x weekly with Mitch and the improvement in fitness and strength has been tremendous. It’s a very thoughtful, practical, customized program with just the right amount of pushing. I also started PT work with Zach for an unrelated back injury and it’s great that they can tailor the workout program in partnership with my PT work.


HIDEF is AMAZING! I've been getting treatment from Dr. Zach for a couple of months. I injured my lower back, keens and, shoulders badly from a bad fall in Nov last year. Zach is extremely knowledgeable, patient and practical. He customizes my treatment plan and even connects with my personal trainer regarding my condition for workouts. With his help, I'm fully recovered and back to the gym compared to not being able to walk a while ago. I plan to continue seeing him for the recovery/treatment after lifting even I don't have injury anymore.


Mitch, Katie, and Zach are a dream team! I've had nagging imbalances and posture issues that have been quite painful, and I've been treated for in various ways for YEARS. I have improved more in just a few weeks than I ever have, and I am completely blown away. Mitch's workouts are amazingly effective, and I never feel over-exerted or strained. But he's pushed me in the best way and showed me I could do things that I would've never attempted. I trust his opinion and expertise completely. I've probably been a problem client for Katie, who's been helping me with nutrition, but she's been SO INCREDIBLE at reframing my perspective, and showing me how to actually live with the changes I want to make. I just started Zach's treatment after 1 eval and am so pumped and excited and already feel better. With the 3 of them, I've felt stronger, healthier, and more balanced than I thought possible. Phenomenal!



We offer a variety of services to fit your goals and schedule.

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