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Choosing HIDEF Physical Therapy means receiving the highest level of care with one of our doctors of physical therapy. This allows focused attention on each patient in order to maximize each session. Each session is personalized to you as an individual to meet your needs in real time. In order to ensure the best quality of care you will be with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy each visit.

We have physical therapy offices in Bellevue, Renton, and Seattle Washington for your convenience. Our Seattle office offers physical therapy within a gym setting through our partner facility Crossfit Felix. 

Our Bellevue physical therapy office is a brand new clinic that has been built specifically for orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

Our Renton clinic is within a gym setting at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance

We have therapists that specialize in sports and orthopedic related conditions. We provides rehab and wellness services for the entire body and we always treat the body as a whole. Injured or not, our doctors of physical therapy will help you optimize your movement and your body. Our therapists have experience working with individuals of all levels, including professional football, basketball, track, and soccer athletes.

Treatment Techniques

Manual Therapy

We offer manual therapy including massage, joint mobilization, passive stretching, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and many other technique to facilitate healing. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for an athletic event, or needing to improve mobility, we can use manual therapy to speed your progress to your goals.

Therapeutic Exercise

We use clinical and home exercise program prescription to allow you maximize your strength, mobility, range of motion, and balance. We believe in using all of the tools available to get you back to peak physical condition including weight lifting, cardiovascular training, stability training, balance training, and mobility and range of motion conditioning. We apply exercise science principals to strategically progress resistance and difficulty of exercises so that you get the most out of each session so you can get to your goals faster.

Home Exercise Program

Each patient is prescribed a home exercise program. We have partnered with Medbridge to provide top rated home exercise programs. All exercise programs come with access to a phone or web app that has pictures and video demonstration of exercises along with the ability to log exercises as you perform them for accountability.

Why should I choose HIDEF?

At HIDEF, we have multiple experienced clinicians who have performed manual physical therapy Bellevue on many different patients. We are also willing to adapt to each patient’s needs; we have both males and females on staff in case this is a concern for your care. We are willing to work with different religious beliefs and needs, personal preferences, and draping techniques that will provide the utmost respect for each patient. When you arrive for your evaluation, we will continuously ask what you are comfortable with and can answer any questions you may have in order to provide the best relationship. We look forward to working with patients of all needs, whether it be a sports injury, post-op surgical, or anything in between and we hope to have the chance to work with you! Call to schedule an appointment today!


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