We Created a Template Of The Exact Framework We Use To Train All Our Clients..

And We Will Show You How You Can Use This Framework For Yourself!

Is one of these sentences familiar?


Sitting on a piece of cardio equipment for hours a week with no results.

Walking around the gym aimlessly, wasting time.


Getting so sore you can hardly walk the next day.

Well... The days of jamming a barbell over your head for no reason are over. 

The days of being in pain and not seeing results are over too.

This program will show you exactly how we train clients to not only look their best but feel their best as well. All while getting stronger and reducing injuries in the process.

With the rise of group classes, big box gyms, and ease of entry into the personal training world, the risk is high for those that don’t have much experience working out.

We love that fitness is becoming more and more popular. However, far too often are we seeing people suffer avoidable training injuries.

Every day people are training terribly written programs that increase their risk of injury.

Flipping this on its head is what we take very seriously. We are here to figure out exactly what each client needs and wants.


Our specific training approach is designed to get our clients the best results and maximize their time as well.

This method is for those of you who want a plan to master your training. This is the framework that we use with every single client.

What you get from this resource

A structured framework to create your own training program

Over $200+ value for just $7

Extensive directory of examples of exercises and stretches for your plug and play program

Time efficient workout that delivers results


Mitch Harb

Mitch is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach. Mitch also holds advanced certifications and training in fitness and nutrition.


Growing up as an athlete, Mitch has been a lifelong mover that has always been passionate about fitness.  It wasn't until a few year after college that he really found a love for nutrition.


Mitch comes from a business background and received a degree in business administration from Central Washington University.  After a few years of working in the corporate world, he noticed his health starting to rapidly decline.  


Having no energy, not making any progress in the gym, and overall just feeling bad all the time, he decided he needed to change.

Through thousands of hours of study and working with clients, dozens of courses and certifications, Mitch helped to develop the P5 | Build method for training. 

Copy of Copy of P5 training.jpg



I would definitely recommend HIDEF SEATTLE. Both Zach and Mitch are super knowledgeable. If you are wanting to get in shape and be the healthiest you have ever been, they are the ones to go to. They can help you get back on track. I am so grateful for all of their help and guidance. Mitch is an awesome coach!!


I highly recommend Mitch as a client-focused, empathetic, and results-oriented personal trainer. Working with Mitch as a personal trainer has changed my view of working out! When Mitch and I first started working together, I had been feeling burnout from the number of workouts I was doing and the constant push for more. I felt depleted, and I wasn’t experiencing the physical or mental results I expected. And honestly, that didn’t work for my schedule anymore. In my first meeting with Mitch, he was focused on understanding my goals and the coaching style that would be most effective for me. Since then he has tailored every work out and interaction to push me to meet those goals while being my biggest supporter along the way. As a result, I cut back my number of work outs. I have more energy in all the cross training I love to do. I feel stronger than ever, and I am seeing my body change.


HIDEF SEATTLE is the real deal. I highly recommend Mitch and Zach as they are the trifecta of fitness in the Pacific NorthWest. They incorporate nutrition, fitness and functional rehab that is targeted to meet an individuals needs and goals. I've been working with Mitch for 6 months now and every session he brings a great deal of diversity to my workouts and consistently challenges and encourages me to push myself both physically and mentally. I appreciate you guys for continuing to inspire me in my fitness journey!

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